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We are fast, while paying our best attention and giving our full commitment to your project. But what is Miles and why do we and those ‘buzz’ words matter? Why would you work with this group of creatives and forward-thinkers? What follows is a story of where we came from, who we are, and how we work. This is a story with lots of intricacies and learnings along the way, and hopefully with your interest to collaborate, we can together achieve and learn so much more.

Where does Miles come from?

It all started with two close friends. We've always had a nick for letting our creative minds flow by producing devised work we love(d). The occasional website, conceptual applications, and even flyers for school parties sparked our fire for design. Slowly but surely, we started to notice something brewing: the concept of helping one another attain their goals, wishes, and vision through a digital canvas.

From that concept, we always wanted to stay true to our way of working, which we like to call jamming , like how the legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis did. It's a term we have held dearly from the beginning. It symbolises flexibility, open mindedness, and making sure you feel comfortable and assured when working with us. Miles, it's a name that embodies our potential for being different and innovative, all while jamming along.

Why do we matter?

We are a creative studio. and while that's not something out of the ordinary, the fact that we handle your project so carefully definitely is. We play this game with attention from the get-go, giving you a personal experience when creating digital products and experiences with our full-time dedicated Miles team at your disposal.

We offer a wide range of in-house qualities. Having access to the best talent out there, from graphic designers to back-end developers and everything in between, Miles is able to control an entire project in-house. This approach emphasises the importance of being able to provide our utmost attention to all of our clients that is quite unparalleled in the industry.

We follow a proven method that always works when we are fabricating the projects for our clients. We work agile first through the discovery, design, and development phases, all while making use of Atom-based design principles. This allows us to be flexible and keep our focus on delivering the attention that's needed to a project, while also aiming to exceed client expectations.


To ensure we create the experience your users really need, we start by making sure we know exactly what functionality each deliverable is going to entail.


To visualise the concept, we design the deliverable from scratch. To make future designs faster, we make use of the Atom design methodology that not only saves time and resources, but creates a better end-result.


With the design of the deliverables on the table, our kick-ass development team brings design to fruition using cutting-edge technology.

Who’s this group of creatives that call themselves “Miles”?

Each and every person on our team has an affection for and a specialisation with a certain discipline. From designing battle-tested interfaces to writing the cleanest code, this combination of amazing, interesting, and above-all ambitious people on the Miles team would be very keen to meet you:


Matthew Wilson

Founder & Managing director

Miles is absolutely one of my biggest joys in life, with an ever growing team, clientele and amazing projects we get to work on. Making sure everyone within the team is in their power to be as creative as possible is one of the biggest accomplishments so far. And yeah, I really like dinosaurs :P


Ezra Immanuel

Founder & UX director

Hi, I'm Ezra, a creative who especially likes to make other people's concepts come to life. From concept to the visual end product. The hours that I'm not working on that, I spend a lot of time on music and can often be found in a record store.


Bas Wilson

Back-end developer

Someone who likes to face the unknown of tech with an “anything can be done mindset”


Nick Voerman

Front-end developer

It's always fun at Miles! Besides that, we also work hard. And play hard! I have been interested in computers from a young age. I like programming, cars and motorcycles, fishing, gym, traveling and having fun with friends and my girlfriend.


Anne Cecchi

UX designer

We are all a very close team! There is a 'work hard, play hard' mentality that ensures that we want to get the best out of every project together. We work on many different projects, so the work is never boring. Every customer comes with their own challenges, delivering a product that works for customers and users really gives energy!


Ryan Patterson

Operations manager

Coming from an undeniably different background from your average designer and developer, I’ve found that Miles sets itself apart from other creative agencies by embracing a multifaceted, multidisciplinary, and holistic-approach to digital solutions. It’s incredibly rewarding to offer different perspectives and ways of working that help both Miles as a company and our clients.


Daniël Steginga

Business developer

Since the early 00's, my fascination with the web has always been enormous. The possibility of creating a website of app and make it accessible for the whole world is amazing. During my career I discovered the great value digital solutions can make for any business. Within Miles I like to help clients discover the impact they can make and in parallel solve their challenges. Miles provides an arena of creatives to really create the solutions for these challenges. I am happy to be part of it.

So, in short.

We denken graag mee met uw visie en zetten hiervoor een haalbaar plan in werking. Van websites tot apps, merkidentiteiten tot platforms en alles daartussenin, we passen op ieder moment onze speciale Miles-touch toe waar we erg enthousiast over zijn. U kunt er altijd vanuit gaan dat u tot de Miles-community van innovatieve en geïnspireerde mensen behoort. We willen graag weten waar u aan denkt en wat we kunnen doen om u te helpen uw doelen, wensen en visies tot leven te brengen.

Keep an eye on our website and Instagram channel for that we are expanding our community by reaching out with editorial and informative content such as customer cases, thoughts and podcasts.

We are currently open for new opportunities and can’t wait to help you fulfill your digital fantasies within no-time.

But wait...

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