Miles is moving to the city center of The Hague!

Written by

Ezra Immanuel


September 16, 2022

It still feels a bit surreal to us looking out of the window of our new office. While the paint is still drying we wanted to share some stories on how and why this happened.

In early 2021 we decided to move our office from Leiden to The Hague to be closer to our community and explore what the city of The Hague had to offer to us. We immediately felt at home within the community at The Hague Tech and had an amazing time growing Miles from there.

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After working at The Hague Tech for a year we came across an amazing opportunity for us to take the next step to dive deeper into the ecosystem of The Hague by moving to Tournooiveld 4.

Shooting competitions were held on the Tournooiveld in the 14th and 15th centuries between two different archers' guilds from The Hague. The Tournooiveld used to be on the edge of the city, just outside the city gate, which was demolished in the first half of the 17th century. In 1650 a house was built on this location, the current Tournooiveld 4. The special facade at the front was placed at the beginning of the 19th century. This location has the current status of a national monument and therefore forms a protected cityscape of The Hague Center.

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DEN HAAG Hotel Du Vieux Doelen - Desguerrois & Co / CCA Last - ca. 1848 (AI improved)

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Den Haag Hotel Du Vieux Doelen, Tournooiveld (AI improved)

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Tournooiveld - Miles office 2022

With this new location the feeling of connection to the city has never been greater. The environment around the office is inspiring to say the least and sparks innovation.

Feel free to come say hi anytime and grab a coffee with us!

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