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After 5 years, Toko Lekki is a Thai takeaway restaurant that can certainly be called a household name in Oegstgeest and its surroundings. In addition to the standard delicacies with daily fresh vegetables and herbs, Martin and Lekki also provide a Thai special every week. The passion that is put into the food will definitely taste again, we are fans, most definetly!

About the project

Toko Lekki has a special place in our hearts, because it was Miles' very first customer! The great success of Toko Lekki ensures many new customers. Martin and Lekki believed that the menu could use an improvement, that it should become clearer to customers what the different options are per available dish. The temporary specials also deserve a place on the website, it would be a shame to miss them!

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The result

In the end we updated the entire toko lekki website with special attention to the dishes. The menu now has all the necessary information about the dishes and the specials and popular dishes have also gained prominence.

New menu with all the information you need

The menu has had a makeover. Within each dish you can choose different ingredients, something that was not known to everyone in the past. With the new menu cards you can see at a glance which choices you have.

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The spiciness indicator is also not a luxury. Us dutchies are not all up to the task of Thai herbs, so now you will no longer be surprised by a dish that is too hot.

For vegetarian customers you can now also find all options with one click by clicking on the 'vegetarian' tab, or you can scan based on the label that is visible within the vegetarian dishes.

The dishes can now also contain a 'tip from the chef'. For example, Lekki can indicate that another dish goes well with the dish you want to order or that a dish gets most of its flavour out with noodles instead of rice.

Populair dishes

Toko Lekki has a number of dishes that appeal to everyone, we have featured these popular dishes on both the homepage and the menu. As a new customer you will now be better helped when putting together your order, because you can't go wrong with any one of these dishes.

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We have given Lekki's specials a prominent place on the website. The dish is immediately visible on the homepage as well as the menu. The regular customers know what their favorite dishes are after a few times and check the menu less often than new customers, so the temporary dish can now be found easily.

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