The new home for the Five family.

What we did

Web design, Web development

About the project

The Five family asked us to translate their amazing restaurant experience to a digital product. To make sure we made the website as close to the restaurants. We even sampled the paint used for the walls as the main color scheme.

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The result

The result is a interactive home for Five Brothers Fat. We made sure all locations are highlighted on the homepage and you can book a table directly by hovering over it. To make it as easy as possible to maintain an alive feel on the website we implemented the Instagram feed of their popular account on the website.

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The highlights

Seasonal switch

As every restaurant the menu of Five Brothers Fat changes troughout the year. Where in summer and spring fresher and lighter tones are the main focus, in winter and authum the warmer and cosier tones take over. To make sure the user has the most up to date experiece we made it possible to change the whole visual of the website in just one click, yes one little switch changes the whole visual identity.

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Francise support

Five Brothers Fat is a fast growing chain, this is why the website supports the francising by making custom landing pages for all locations.

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But to make sure the end user does not get confused by the many locations Five has, we designed a location picker on the homepage which makes it easy to switch and book a table at the location you desire without losing overview.

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100.000 unique visitors in one year!

Succes can only be measured by results, thats why we are thrilled to say that the Five Brothers Fat website has over 100.000 unique visitors from 50 different countries over the last year.

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What the client said

Portrait for Gideon Mulder

Gideon Mulder

Co-founder at Five Brothers Fat

"Great collaboration, beautiful design that really fit our brand, needs and values. Miles really looked at what we as a company stand for and made sure the website reflects it."

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