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What we did

Branding, Webdesign, Webdevelopment, Community building

About the project

We decided to join the Hackathon for Good organisation because we wanted to contribute to something good with a potential to make global impact. Our job was to create the brand and digital products for the global and The Hague part of Hackathon for Good

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The Result

After being involved with the Hackathon for Good team for more then 3 years we have worked on various parts of the organisation like the brand, website, community and communication.


Creating a brand that is focused on shared ownership and creating a global community was the thought behind the design we made. It had to be easy to create sublabels without too much hassle.

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As part of the communication strategy, we created a new website for Hackathon for Good from scratch, which fully leverages the latest in web technologies. It is also a safe space for everything the team wants to share with the community.

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Scalable brand

To make sure we can support global organisations organise their own Hackathon for Good we made the brand as accessible as possible to make your own. By adding sublabels with unique colors and automatically generated pages, creating a brand, landingpage and event for a new Hackathon for Good is done in minutes.

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Interactive challenges

To make sure hackers get motivated to tackle a challenge we made the challenge page centered on visual and personal messaging. By introducing the challenge owner with a 1 minute pitch and personal message hackers will get a direct introduction to the challenge and challenge owner.

Centralized events

There is a lot happing in the for Good community. To make sure people get triggered to join these events we created a centralized event calendar that can be managed by the team. Events can be linked to specific cities or hackathons to get the right audience interested.

What the client said

Portrait for Delilah Dols

Delilah Dols

Community Manager at The Hague Tech

“Working together on Hackathon for Good, I can only describe Miles as a flexible, fun, energetic, and passionate group of people whom are very amazing to collaborate with!”

Parallax image for A new digital realm for Crossing Border.Cropped logo for A new digital realm for Crossing Border.

A new digital realm for Crossing Border.

How we created a new digital home for one of the biggest literature festivals in The Netherlands.

Parallax image for The new home for the Five family.Cropped logo for The new home for the Five family.

The new home for the Five family.

The Five family asked us to translate their amazing restaurant experience to a digital product.

Parallax image for A fully user centered logistics platformCropped logo for A fully user centered logistics platform

A fully user centered logistics platform

We were asked to improve the user experience of the platform from the ground up.


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